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Tenn police department warns speeders of new AT-4 “hit and run tactics” in viral Facebook post

Image credit: Loretto Police Department.

Thousands of people across the country are reacting to a Facebook post made by the Loretto Police Department to get drivers to stop speeding.

It shows an officer pointing an AT-4 missile launcher at traffic on the city’s main drag, called Military Street, as a friendly reminder to get drivers to adhere to the 45 mph speed limit.

In their post, Loretto PD jokingly stated; “Speeders beware. We recently acquired this surplus AT-4 and will be strictly enforcing the 45 mph zone in town. Here we see Officer Thomas set up on North Military Street. The versatility of the AT-4 allows for hit and run tactics on all our roadways. (Do not take this post seriously.)”

However, as with just about anything these days, some people were outraged at the joke, which led to a follow-up post by the department.

There were some supporters on the social media thread, including one popular post that read, “If someone actually believes you were being serious they deserve to be hit with a real AT-4.”

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