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Bus camera catches woman taking all her clothes off and pole-dancing in Australia

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Even the bus rides are more wild Down Under.

A Sydney bus became an impromptu strip club after a female passenger disrobed and began pole dancing- and the entire event was caught on security footage.

The woman initially sat down quietly on the bus, but then stood up and began performing a fully-nude strip show, complete with pole dancing.

After doing her routine, she allegedly solicited donations from the passengers.

The woman’s antics did not go unnoticed- a passenger alerted the driver of the bus to the sultry show, prompting him to speak into his radio.

When the bus came to a stop, the woman wrapped herself in a shawl and disembarked.

New South Wales Transport Minister Andrew Constance attempted to denounce the woman’s behavior, but ultimately, his words came across as a dirty joke.

“People should just get on board, behave, and get off,” he told News.com.au.

Social media users who saw the leaked video on the internet were fairly unhappy with the woman, with many showing concern for children who might have been on the bus.

“Have respect for other people and the children that are on any public transport,” one person wrote.

Then again, there are always some that wish they had taken the bus that morning, with one used declaring they would be “catching public transport more often now”.

It is unknown if police identified the woman or are investigating the matter.

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