School teacher still teaches elementary grade students after kindergartner complained of...

Sylvain Helaine, 35, who is pierced, tattooed and even had the whites of his eyes colored black, claims that parents weren’t too happy when young children from Docteur Morere Elementary School reportedly became traumatized by his appearance.

Joe Montana and wife wrestle back baby granddaughter from attempted kidnapping

49ers legend and Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana and his wife had to grab his baby granddaughter from the arms of an intruder in his home to prevent her from being kidnapped.

The entire town of South Park shows up for Denver Broncos...

When Tom Brady and the Buccaneers face the Broncos on Sunday, there will be plenty of friendly faces everywhere and humble folks without temptation.

Wife of international soccer star arrested over $1.2 million plot to...

A Turkish woman married to a national soccer star is being accused of a $1.2 million plot to kill him.

Federal lawsuit filed against Facebook, Kyle Rittenhouse, militia groups

Four people have filed a federal lawsuit demanding that Facebook prevent militias and hate groups from using the site after the platform was used to draw armed people to protests in Kenosha that left two people dead.

McCloskeys calmly ignore heckler shouting profanities, hand her Holiday card

The Missouri couple who became meme famous for holding off the advance of protesters who had broken into a private neighborhood have done it again, this time providing a photo postcard of the incident to a group of people harassing them.

Woman who poses as Catwoman on Instagram busted for burglary

An Aussie “Instagram model” who is known for posing as Catwoman is actually a cat burglar, according to authorities down under.

Michael Bloomberg pays restitution for 32,000 felons in Florida, paving the...

Billionaire, former mayor, gun control activist and failed presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg has reportedly raised tens of millions of dollars to allow 32,000 felons in Florida to vote.

American Chernobyl: How an Ohio plant vented raw nuclear materials into...

PIKETON — Earlier this month, former Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant employees and their families came forward with a lawsuit against contractors of the U.S. Department of Energy with allegations of a culture of corruption, misinformation, and endangerment to families across southern Ohio.

Florida cracks down on protests; toppling statues and blocking roads will...

ORLANDO, Fla. — Florida leaders plan to crack down on people involved in what Gov. Ron DeSantis called “disorderly assemblies,” including making it a felony to block a road or topple monuments.