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Antifa suspect who incited riot gets turned over to police, by his parents


A suspected member of the Antifa anarchist movement that has been undermining peaceful protests and inciting riots has been arrested in Pennsylvania- after his mommy and daddy turned him in.

20-year-old Brian Bartels is accused of inciting violent protests in Pittsburgh on Saturday, and was effectively handed over to the authorities by his parents.

During the riots, Bartels was sporting all-black and his face was covered, a signature style for Antifa members in recent years.

KDKA reports that the FBI, Pittsburgh Police, and other agencies were already on Bartels’ trail shortly after he partook in the anarcho-terror actions, and a warrant executed on his home Sunday turned up guns, spray paint and gloves- as well as the clothes he allegedly wore during the protest.

PPD Chief Scott Schubert expressed disappointment that protests were being derailed by activists belonging to groups such as the one Bartels belonged to.

“I can tell you as the police chief, I am very disappointed because this was a peaceful protest for something that was very serious, and this does nothing to honor the memory of somebody who died,” Chief Schubert said.

“When you take it from a peaceful protest and you take it to a riot where you’re injuring people, you’re throwing rocks at people, you’re throwing cans at people, you’re hurting reporters, you’re taking over something that shouldn’t be.”

According to SARA, President Donald Trump says he’s moving to designate the organization a domestic terrorist group.

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