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Black protester pleads with white women to stop tagging “BLM” on a Starbucks


As the riots across the United States continue, members of far-left organizations such as Antifa continue to pop up as perpetrators of acts of violence and vandalism- and many of them are white.

A similar instance took place in Los Angeles when two black-clad white women were chastised by black protesters for vandalizing a Starbucks.

The two masked ladies in black began spraying “BLM” (shorthand for Black Lives Matter) on the window when they were confronted by a woman of color.

The protester told them that they were not only not asked to tag the coffee shop, but that they had no business spreading the BLM message in an unlawful manner.

According to TMZ, the video is just another example of the consistent trend of “bad actors” (primarily belonging to far-left groups intent on spreading unrest) that infiltrate initially peaceful protests and encourage the mobs to become violent.

It is unknown who the two women are, nor is it known if they will be brought to justice.

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