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Looters getting looted: Man who just stole iMac computer gets robbed


The problem with engaging in criminal enterprise is that while you may obtain items through illicit means, there’s little to no safeguard or favorable legal recourse when someone takes things from you.

Such was the case for a rather portly individual who partook in the looting of a heavily urbanized area, who triumphantly strutted down the street with a stolen computer- only to have it taken from him.

The rotund young man waddled down past the shuttered streets as people around him ransacked the city, all while a man filmed him and loudly described his loot.

But, just as in nature, the other looters saw the fruit of the young man’s (illegal) labor and demanded the redistribution of wealth.

No honor amongst thieves, as they say.

The man -who was barely in any shape to run, let alone fight- was quickly relieved of his goods after a few bizarre strikes from a group of men who jumped him.

Interestingly enough, the men who attacked the unfortunate looter were denied the prize, as another individual casually picked it up during the melee and walked off.

The video was shared on Twitter two days ago, and has tens of thousands of views.

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