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The internet goes to war over whether reporter called Press Secretary a “lying b*#ch” on national television


A reporter with a pass to attend White House Press briefings may not be in the pool much longer, after she allegedly referred to White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany as a “lying b*#ch” on national television.

Al-Jazeera Reporter Kimberly Halkett, who was wearing a mask, was attempting to talk over McEnany’s discussion concerning mass mail-out voting in hopes of getting an answer for a question she had on vaccine research.

Ironically, Halkett had apparently already asked several questions, and McEnany claimed she was attempting to talk over her.

“You’ve gotten two questions, which is more than some of your colleagues,” McEnany said as she moved onto the next journalist.

“Okay, you lying bi*#h,” Halkett reportedly said.

Some Twitter users claim Halkett said “Okay, you don’t want to engage,” and even slowed down, it is hard to tell.

On her Twitter, Halkett denied using inappropriate language.

“There’s a lot of misreporting out there about that briefing,” she wrote. “The answer to your question is, I DID NOT.  What I said was, ‘OKAY, YOU DON’T WANT TO ENGAGE.’”

The comment could very well become the next “Yanny v. Laurel,” case of auditory illusion.

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