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Senate candidate working towards arming the homeless


The Libertarian Party hopeful for Michigan’s US Senate seat is hoping to raise ten grand to provide shotguns and firearms training to Detroit-area homeless people – who are legally allowed to do so, of course.

Brian Ellison announced his “Arm the Homeless” plan last week, which proposes providing training and equipment to homeless people who are legally and mentally capable of defending themselves with firearms.

Ellison said he came up with the idea after realizing homeless people “are probably the most ostracized, victimized oppressed class of people.”

“You can really see how the public perceives the homeless as less than human-it’s a shame,” he said. “Homeless people are people too, and they have a right to defend themselves.”

According to Mlive, he attempted to fund the campaign through GoFundMe, but the crowd-funder was quickly shut down. Since then, he’s been looking for other ways.

“I assume somebody will try to put a stop to it,” he said. “I anticipate there will be pushback, but we plan to work within the limits of the law.”



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