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Would-be robber gets taken down by woman, begs for mercy until the cops arrive


18-year-old Magdeel and his accomplice probably thought that stealing a cell phone from their would-be victim would be an easy job. The plan was simple, or so they thought. They would ride up to her, one of them would approach her and demand her phone, snatch it, and they’d speed off on their motorcycle. However, they didn’t expect for Sabrina Leite, 22, to put a wrench in their plan, in this case an arm wrench.

Their plan began to unravel when Sabrina realized that the thieves weren’t armed. Then she threw her phone into her house before they could take it. Mageel, who had approached Sabrina, panicked and tried to make a run for it but he never made it back on the motorcycle with his partner in crime. Left to fend for himself, Magdeel ended up begging for mercy as Sabrina put him in a jujitsu move referred to as an “arm wrench”.

Admitting to only practicing the sport leisurely and is still a white belt, Sabrina says that she spent almost 20 minutes with him in that hold until the police arrived.

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