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Calls grow to cancel popular kids show Paw Patrol because one of the characters is a police officer


The backlash against the portrayal of police officers on TV has hit a fever pitch- and now the activists are coming for Paw Patrol.

No, this isn’t a satire article. There are no typos. They are actually going after Paw Patrol.

For those who haven’t had kids in the last decade, Paw Patrol is a CGI cartoon about talking puppies that take on a variety of roles, from fire rescue to law enforcement and sanitation.

While firefighters and garbage truck workers may not be getting any attention, the Paw Patrol’s resident officer, a German Shepherd named Chase, is currently the target of activism.

After posting a generic “brand cares” response in support of the Black Lives Matter movement on Twitter, the show received comments demanding that the Paw Patrol be “defunded” and even euthanized.

“Get rid of the cop or delete your account,” @babykingtobey wrote.

Another user, who goes by “Anti-Facist Alex,” posted a photo of an crossed-out Chase, with the acronym for “All Cops Are Bastards” in the foreground.

The hashtag #PutChaseDown2020 was also suggested.

The show’s sudden bashing on social media comes at a precarious time when, after being cooped up in their homes for an extended period of time, people feel an attachment to media while simultaneously embracing a level of “emotional incontinence” that is only tolerated when people don’t actually have to face each other in public.

In addition, many in modern society have embraced the notion that if one complains about a show/actor/figure, etc., and can demonize it enough, it can cease to exist through the pressures of “cancel culture.”

As talks of defunding police forces continue to increase, cancel culture has come for references to good policing and officers who have good rapport with their community.

Similarly, “Cops,” one of America’s longest-running police reality shows (or really, one of the longest running shows in US TV history) and “Live PD” are also being canceled by cancel culture.

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