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Woman trashes mask display at Target, calls police Nazis targeting her for being Jewish


As the battle between masks and no-masks continues to rage in both medical and social circles, one woman took it upon herself to protest the masks in an Arizona target store.

The woman, who appeared to be suffering a mental illness or participating in some kind of smear campaign, began pulling masks off of wall hooks at Target, angry that the items are becoming mainstream.

“I was hired to be the QAnon spokesperson,” she said, referring to conspiracy theorist Qanon.

“Target,” she said, “I’m not playing any more f—— games. This s— is f—— over.”

The woman later told law enforcement to “call Donald Trump and ask him” because she can’t share any “classified information.”

The woman, who pushes many mainstream conservative words with what appears to be limited understanding of them, is featured in two videos that have been shared to Twitter.

After being cuffed, the woman insisted she was being persecuted because she was Jewish.

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