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Michael Bloomberg pays restitution for 32,000 felons in Florida, paving the way for them to vote


Billionaire, former mayor, gun control activist and failed presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg has reportedly raised tens of millions of dollars to allow 32,000 felons in Florida to vote.

In what appears to be a case of sticking one’s nose into state affairs for the sake of Democratic votes, Bloomberg -who was well known for taxing soda and demanding strict gun laws- has fulfilled the restitution requirements for tens of thousands of Florida felons, effectively allowing them to vote in elections.

Bloomberg previously attempted to run for President of the United States, but did not make it very far in the race before dropping out.

Despite this, the billionaire was able to flood TV, social media and YouTube with pro-Bloomberg ads to such a degree, parody cartoons of the media saturation campaign were created.

According to The Hill, Florida passed a law in 2018 reinstating voting rights for felons that dictated they could register only if they pay all fines, fees and restitution.

Despite having their restitution paid and voting rights restored, Felons in Florida can only have a small slice of the freedom cake, as their firearms rights are still up for debate.

Michael Bloomberg is also known for his Everytown for Gun Safety  group, which reportedly poured $15 Million into 8 state races over the summer.

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