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Man caught on video trying to steal truck before civilians, police thwart attempt


Former cameraman, Greg Johnson was grabbing lunch at a Subway in Edmonton, Canada when the sandwich shop owner told him that someone was trying to steal his truck.

When Johnson looked out of the window he saw several guys standing outside of the truck and decided to go outside to see what was going on.

Inside of the truck a man was attempting to hotwire the truck unbothered by the guys guarding the door.

“The guy who wanted to steal the vehicle is in the process of trying to hotwire it. He had a fantastic work ethic and really should be doing something else — because he never quit the entire time — until the police arrived.” Johnson told Global News.

When the Edmonton police arrive, the officers demand that the man put down his knife and open the doors. But he refused, and they were forced to break the window. The officers tased the man and pull him out of the truck. Once they get him on the ground to handcuff him, a woman who says that she’s the man’s sister walks up, begging him not to resist.

The man was believed to be under the influence of drugs, but it wasn’t confirmed. But is being charged with resisting arrest, attempted theft of vehicle, as well as possession of drugs and weapons.

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