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#Fartgate: Former presidential candidate lets loose on live TV


Renowned anti-gun activist and Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA) is now known for more than threatening gun owners with nuclear weapons- he let out a biological weapon during an on-air sequence on Monday night.

Swalwell, who previously told gun owners across the United States that any resistance to confiscation would be a “short war” due to the US government possessing nuclear weapons.

The former presidential candidate unleashed a weapon of his own during an interview with MSNBC last night, making himself look even sillier than before.

To call the fart “loud” would be an understatement, and Swalwell later denied that it was him that let loose.

According to Townhall.com, the term “#Fartgate” was born shortly after, with pundits, celebrities and other netizens attempting to determine if Swalwell was telling the truth.

General consensus, however, is that the “Mad Nuker of California” simply couldn’t contain the blast.

“No wonder why he dropped out the presidential race,” Terrence K. Williams said of Swalwell, who he claimed was “taking crap about [President Trump]” at the time of the fart. “How can you hold the country together when you can’t hold your own fart?”

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