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Cringeworthy moment woman in bikini falls off speeding moped


A road filled with motorcyclists quickly became a crash site after a scooter carrying a double load wiped out part of the pack, resulting in injuries.

Several motorcycles can be seen on helmet-cam as they cruise down a three-lane highway in an undisclosed city, speeding along in relatively non-hazardous conditions.

Suddenly, a light scooter carrying a rather two passengers clips an enduro bike, creating a vicious crash- and a serious road hazard for the cameraman, who happens to be in their path.

While the enduro rider smartly slips away for a controlled crash landing, the scooter’s occupants bounce down the road as their once-overloaded 50cc chariot slides across the pavement.

The cameraman comes to a quick stop, watching with amazement as the female passenger face-slides across the street.

The downed riders appeared to have suffered no life-threatening injuries, aside from some road rash, bruised egos and cosmetic damage to both body and bike.

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