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Florida man saves puppy from an alligator by pulling its jaws...

A Florida man saved his 3-month-old puppy’s life when he freed the dog from the jaws of an alligator, Fort Myers CBS affiliate WINK reported.

Tik Tok star breaks down after losing one million followers over...

The queen bee of TikTok, Charli D'Amelio, was about a million clicks away from her goal of a whopping 100 million followers on the Gen Z-facing platform.

New York Governor receives Emmy award for COVID-19 press briefings

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo will receive an Emmy for his "his masterful use of television" during the coronavirus pandemic, the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences said on Friday.

Caravan of Trump supporters escort Biden-Harris campaign bus out of Texas

Officials for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's campaign canceled two events in the Austin area Friday after vehicles with flags and signs supporting President Donald Trump surrounded one of its campaign buses Friday on Interstate 35, The Texas Tribune reported.

Football game has halftime brawl, wild comeback, and a coach dressed...

Missouri and Florida have never been considered football rivals. That could change after Saturday.

Netflix has down quarter, blames backlash from controversial ‘Cuties’ movie

When COVID-19 spread throughout the world, millions of people sought comfort in Netflix as they sheltered at home. Subscriptions skyrocketed in the first half of the year, but as expected, the accelerated pace of growth was unsustainable.

Freshwater shrimp in Britain are apparently loaded with cocaine

Prawns on powder, shrimp on snow, crustaceans on coke- no matter how you word it, it sounds too crazy to be true. Sometimes the truth...

Officer responding to noise complaint starts playing the drums with street...

In the video, you can see Officer Nate Ross playing along with the guitarist. The musician did eventually turn his music down.