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‘Protesters’ tear down statue of Christopher Columbus in Baltimore’s Little Italy...

A crowd of protesters yanked down the Christopher Columbus statue near Baltimore’s Little Italy neighborhood and tossed it into the Inner Harbor as fireworks went off around the city on the evening of the Fourth of July.

Searches spike for Australian model after she’s spotted with Brian Austin...

Who is the heavily tattooed woman spotted out eating out with Brian Austin Green in L.A - post Megan Fox split?

Iowa governor Kim Reynold’s car drives through BLM protest, hitting man

A vehicle transporting the Governor of Iowa reportedly hit a protester after activists attempted to encircle the vehicle.

China warns of another global pandemic, this time from swine flu

Chinese pigs are more and more frequently becoming infected with a strain of influenza that has the potential to jump to humans, could mutate further so that it can spread easily from person to person and trigger a global outbreak, a new study has found.

Insta-famous Nigerians busted in massive cyber fraud scheme worth $435 million

Dubai Police have arrested 12 cybercriminals, including Instagram celebrities “Hushpuppi” and “Woodberry,” on allegations of fraud involving 1.6 billion dirhams ($435 million).

#JusticeForMia: Former adult actress fights to have her videos and images...

Former adult actress Mia Khalifa is gaining support in her effort to have old videos and images from her previous career removed from the internet.

One man wrecking crew begins dismantling Seattle’s CHOP/CHAZ zone

A man in Seattle has set the example for the city after he began dismantling the CHAZ/CHOP “autonomous zone” in the Capitol Hill district.

Dixie Chicks change their name to ‘The Chicks,’ release pro-protest music...

The Grammy Award-winning country trio has quietly changed its name to The Chicks, while simultaneously releasing a video for the new song, “March March,” which features images from recent and historical protests.

Bill de Blasio to have ‘Black Lives Matter’ painted in massive...

The city is planning to paint the words “Black Lives Matter” in bold letters right in front of Trump Tower in midtown Manhattan.

Woman who coughed on baby at yogurt store turns out to...

A school employee has been identified as the woman who purposely coughed in a baby’s face at a San Jose, California, yogurt shop, says the Oak Grove School District.