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Woman refusing to give up bus seat for man in wheelchair sparks outrage


A California woman became public enemy number one in Los Angeles after she refused to give up a bus seat for a man in a wheelchair.

The older woman -who reportedly didn’t speak English very well- adamantly refused to be moved from the priority seating section of the Gardena-area bus, despite the fact that she was holding up the line and preventing a man in a wheelchair from coming aboard.

At first, passengers gently urged her to get up from her seat, but quickly became outraged with her abrasive behavior. After ten minutes of attempting to accommodate her, she became the target of verbal abuse and threats.

“There’s a seat open,” one young man shouted, as the woman angrily tried to speak over him in her native tongue. “Are you blind?!”

Even when some riders attempted to communicate in Spanish, the woman simply kept shaking her head.

According to KTLA, the priority seating is for the elderly and disabled, and refusing to get up could be considered disruptive behaviour in some cases.

One pastor aboard the bus attempted to calm the crowd.

“She’s disabled,” he said. “Please, let it go.”

A Metro spokesperson said the incident is under review.

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