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Woman finds 7 foot boa in washing machine


A middle-aged Brazilian woman was petrified when she found a 7-foot-long Boa constrictor relaxing in her washing machine, enlisting the help of a neighbor’s friend to remove it from her home.

46-year-old Shirley Oliviera discovered the 17lb snake hiding in her high-end appliance after her daughter heard noises coming from the top-loader.

“My daughter Amanda was going through the backyard of our house around 11 in the morning when she shouted at me to come and check the machine because she thought there was something strange inside,” she said. “When I opened the lid, I got the fright of my life because there was a snake inside with its head poking out.”

Calling authorities but receiving no help, Oliveira enlisted a friend of her neighbor -who is a snake handler- to come help her.

According to the Khaleej Times, Joao Paulo Ribeiro recognized the constrictor as non-venomous and slowly pulled the snake out of the machine- much against the snake’s wishes.

“It was wrapped tight around the drum and was hard to lift out. It took me over 20 minutes to remove it and it was a struggle right until the end.” Ribeiro said.

The snake was unharmed and released into the wild, presumably smelling springtime fresh.

“I’m grateful everything worked out well in the end for us and the animal, which was probably just as frightened as we were,” Oliveria said.

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