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Woman Fights Off Alligator To Save Dog


The question of the day: What would you do to save your pet? There are few that would go the lengths 52-year-old Lori Beiswenger of Florida went through, when she saved her dog from an alligator attack.

Beiswenger was up to her neck in pond water trying to rescue Hope, her family’s dog, from a seven-and-a-half foot gator.

“I saw teeth and hair and gator,” said Beiswenger.

It all went down July 11, when Beiswenger was doing some gardening and brought out the nine-year-old terrier mix to enjoy the weather. While tending to some trees on her family-owned golf course, Point O’Woods, Beiswenger had her back to the pond, and Hope.

“I hear the most God awful, piercing scream that I have ever heard in my life,” she said.

When she turned around the gator already had Hope in its clutches, pulling Hope underneath the water. Beiswenger quickly jumped into action and pulled on the gator’s tail, attempting to pull it out of the water. Once the gator turned around, Beiswenger exited the water fearing for her life. That’s when Jodie Daniels, a golf course volunteer, came to the rescue.

Using a shovel supplied by Beiswenger, he hit the gator on the head, it finally released Hope, and swam away. Beiswenger quickly took Hope to an emergency vet, who was able to go home later that night after a three hour surgery. The next day the gator was caught, killed, and is now being served at a local restaurant.

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