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Wildlife center will feed salmon named after your ex to bears for Valentine’s Day

A brown bear at the Wildlife Images Rehabilitation & Education Center. Photo credit: Wildlife Images Rehabilitation & Education Center/Facebook

A wildlife center in Oregon is offering its services to those who wish to get closure to a bad relationship this Valentine’s day.

Through their ‘Catch & Release’ promotion,  Wildlife Images Rehabilitation Center will dish out some revenge on your behalf.

“In exchange for a $20 donation, the rehabilitation center will put your ex’s name on a salmon and serve it to their brown bears for dinner. A special certificate and photos of bears Kodi and Yaki eating the salmon will also be provided,” local news reported.

It will only cost you $20  this Valentine’s Day and will provide the brown bears with a salmon -some love in the form of nourishment.

If you wish to partake, you will receive a special certificate and a photo fo bears Kodi and Yaki enjoying the salmon.

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