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Wife asks men if it’s normal for her husband to sit down when he pees


An innocuous question by a female reddit user has led to a trove of data on why some men sit when they have to go number one- and some of the answers might surprise you.

Featured on Reddit’s “/AskMen” section, a woman mentioned that her husband sits to pee, and, naturally, asked men, “How common is that?”

Turns out, a lot of guys sit when they urinate, and not because of any flaw in their manhood.

Men willing to answer were pretty open about being seated before letting the stream fly, with reasons ranging from the post-morning wood “triple stream” to simply not wanting to piss off their significant others with a mess.

After all, even the best marksmen miss from time to time- and unlike most cases on the firing range, the hardware is often the source of the problem.

Others brought up that dried semen in the urethra can cause a “fork” effect, which is guaranteed to make a mess. In fact, one anatomist even chimed in.

“The reason this happens is because the male urethra isn’t shaped like a straight tube,” the user wrote. “It’s shaped kind of like a cobra, bulging outward right before the opening at the top of the penis. The bulge is called the Navicular Fossa. It creates turbulent urine flow to help dislodge bacteria trying to migrate down the urethra. Turbulent flow through the navicular fossa causes the stream to split sometimes. And it’s the reason I pee sitting down.”

According to Men’s Health, there are medical benefits, too: men with urinary tract or prostate issues often sit to allow a “more favorable urodynamic profile,” preventing messes and discomfort. No shame in that.

In the age of social media and mobile phones dominating the average person’s daily life, the bathroom can offer an individual a few minutes of peace and quiet, as well- just be courteous and resist tying up the sit-down stalls for too long, especially because some people really have to go.

With no “right way” to go number one (for men, at least), the possibilities are endless.

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