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Watch: Hunters make pigs fly with explosives


Ever since the dawn of man, civilization’s hunter-gatherers have gazed upon their prey and thought “I wonder how high that thing would go if I could blow it up.”

Thankfully, technology, binary explosives and high-velocity ammunition has satisfied the age-old curiosity and in doing so, has satisfied the requirements of any request that was answered with the phrase “when pigs fly.”

Several videos have been floating around the internet of wild hogs and other non-recoverable carcasses being disposed… err, dispersed of with a healthy application of Tannerite, a legal-to-purchase binary explosive that -when hit with a supersonic round larger than .22 caliber- can cause a fantastic explosion proportional to the amount of charge mixed together.

When placed inside a container that is then placed in the carcass of the dead animal (in this case, feral hogs, which may or may not always be edible but are a dangerous nuisance nonetheless), a well-placed shot can send the carcass flying well into the air or simply dispersing the remains, well.. Everywhere.

So sit back, throw on some hearing protection and enjoy the kind of fireworks you can only see in the good ol’ US-of-A. Yee-Haw!

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