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Utah cop babysits busy toddler while dad appears in court


Sometimes our men and women in blue have to be babysitters too..

A Utah police officer offered to lend a helping hand to a father who clearly had his hands full.

Before eventually falling asleep in the arms of Orem police officer Kevin Norris – a 2-year-old girl did what anyone her age would do — tear up the waiting area of a courtroom- while her father was inside for a hearing.

Waiting to testify himself at Orem Justice Court, the cop was caught on surveillance video taking the girl by the hand and walking her around, after her father was told she couldn’t stay in the courtroom with him.

The little one evidently wore herself out, as the video shows. Luckily though she found a comfortable spot in Norris’ lap. Clearly a pro in this dept — Norris immediately whips out his smart phone to keep her entertained. No surprise Norris is a father himself, you can tell by the way he handles the whole situation.

The footage “captured the hearts of thousands,” according to the Daily Mail… Busy parents everywhere -who completely get it -were quick to comment on the Dept. FB page: ‘Thank you officer,’ Robyn Eley wrote. ‘As a busy parent who hopes to never be in this situation.’

Others posted comments about the softer side of law enforcement: “Knowing there are officers willing to help and not judge the parent is amazing and calming to me. Your simple act of kindness can show the softer, understanding side of police. Who are already fighting negative stereotypes.”

‘Thank you for stepping forward as a human and an official willing to help an unusual situation,’ another user wrote.



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