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Undercover Officer Reveals Kindness and Compassion on Vancouver Streets


If you need your faith in humanity restored, then this is the video for you.

Staff Sergeant Mark Horsley went undercover on the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver as a mobility and cognitively disabled person to investigate two knife point robberies committed against people in wheelchairs. Once on the streets, Horsley received an unexpected surprise.

“The community accepted me very quickly, as being one of theirs,” said Horsley.

While undercover, Horsley met with kindness from everyone he crossed paths with. In one instance, a visitor from Quebec asked to pray for Horsley and emphasized his desire for Horsley’s healing. When he believed he was about to become a victim of robbery, the citizen tucked the loose money hanging from Horsley’s pouch back inside and zipped it shut.

“Be careful,” the citizen said, “You don’t want to lose your money.

In all his interactions Horsley told people that he couldn’t count. During exchanges with others, they would take change from his hand, and not once was he shortchanged. In fact, at the end of the five deployments in this project he was ahead $24.75.

“The caring and compassion expressed to me in my undercover role was inspiring, “Horsley said. “This community has soul.”

The project did not capture the suspect, but Horsley ends the video with a warning to whoever it may be.

“For the very rare and despicable person who’s willing to victimize vulnerable people, you should know: the police are watching, but more importantly, the people of the Downtown Eastside are watching. They care, and they take care of their vulnerable people.”

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