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UFC President Dana White offers job to woman who took down thief at electronics store


Apparently, UFC 246 will have a special guest, after it’s president, Dana White offered a former Best Buy employee a job with the organization after a video of her went viral.

In the security video that White posted to Instagram, Summer Tapasa confronts a suspect who was attempting to steal a loudspeaker and exit the store.

The 24-year-old woman tussles with the suspect and was able to stop him from escaping. Unfortunately, the company decided to fire her for violating their safety regulations.

Best Buy released a statement saying, “Our biggest concern is always keeping our employees and customers safe. The reality is simple: physically engaging with criminals can be dangerous. None of the products we sell is worth putting the safety of our employees at risk.”

It seems that Summer had announced that she would be quitting the job in order to pursue a different career just before the incident took place.

In addition to offering Summer a position, White also invited her to the next UFC event in Las Vegas with VIP status.

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