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Tourist throws glove at Queen’s Guard for him to pick up – gets SCHOOLED big time


The woman seen wearing only one glove was claimed to have thrown it at one of the Queen’s guards. It’s suspected that the woman threw the glove at the guard’s feet in order to get him move.

The man recording the video can be heard saying “It’s a standoff. Who’s going to get the glove first?”

Soon after a Beefeater guard (a ceremonial guard or guide of the Tower of London) approaches them and ask if they threw the glove at soldier. The woman’s response is inaudible in the video but it’s presumed that she admits to tossing the glove over the rail.

Prompting the Beefeater to ask, “Why would you do that? The army is here to protect the crown jewels, they’re not here for the public to make fun of. He is a soldier, he serves his country and he deserves to be treated with a little bit of respect.”

“Throwing your gloves at him isn’t going to work, is it really?,” he added.

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