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Thieves receive instant karma in bike prank


Twin brothers Jeremy and Jason Holden are would be crime stoppers who use their passion for video and love of laughter to make a painful point. Crime doesn’t pay!

In this prank the brothers remove the brakes from a bike and tie a rope to it up hill, so that the bike theft hits rock bottom when they get downhill.

While most of the crime stopping pranks are done for thrills without intent to harm there are occasions where things don’t go as planned.

To bring awareness to child kidnapping and abduction the twins acted out the kidnapping of the own cousin.

Despite letting the police in Sequim, WA know they were creating their public service announcement (PSA) the young men were arrested and charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct in summer 2014. They upset a lot of people, leaving unknowing parents angry and scared.

The prank got them in lots of trouble, but like their own pranks, the charges backfired and catapulted them into Internet fame.


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