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The Provocative Evolution of Women’s Halloween Costumes


By Brett Gillin

It’s no surprise that for many men, Halloween is their favorite holiday, and it has nothing to do with the massive consumption of candy. No, as the years have worn on, Halloween costumes have been getting… well, skimpier every year. While this is not a huge issue when it comes to responsible adults choosing to show a whole lot of skin one night a year, parents are beginning to find it awfully tough to find costumes for their children that aren’t skimpy and sexualized.

As this brilliant post on Reddit points out, it seems as if almost every version of many costumes use the same amount of fabric, just trying to cover more and more human as they grow up. Rather than discuss the scary implications this has on sexualized identities for young kids (which you can read about in this article on Feministe or this Huffington Post piece) we’ve decided to take a more light-hearted approach.

So let’s take a look at some costumes designed for girls and women, and how they evolve as their wearers grow up:

The Angel:


For those looking to stay as far away from scary as possible, it’s hard to resist this adorable angel outfit for toddlers. Seriously, it’s practically the definition of cute.


The little angel has grown up a bit, and look, she’s even grown a halo! For some reason, she’s also holding a magic wand, but we’ll just chalk that one up to pre-pubescent confusion and a desire to accessorize.

3. angel3

Now that we’re planning for Prom, our Angel is turning decidedly less angelic. Her wings have shrunk, and she’s dropped the wand, but it seems like the hem line is exactly the same as it was about a decade ago.

4. angel4

And now we’ve done away with any of the whole “flowing gown” part of the angel costume and decided to practically paint it on. The wings have grown again, but now they seem to be inexplicably made out of fur, along with the halo (which she seems to be trying to get to stay atop her head) and the weird half-sleeves.



Sticking with the “less than scary” theme, let’s say your adorable little one wants to dress as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. This perfectly acceptable outfit comes with an adorable Toto in a basket, signature ruby slippers, and a huge blue bow.

2.  dorothy3

Dorothy is growing up quickly, and with that, she’s decided to ditch the big blue bow for a couple smaller red ones. No big deal there, but while Toto is still hanging out, it seems that she’s lost the upper half of her stockings… Maybe they’re back in Kansas?

3. dorothy2

Now, Dorothy’s ditched the dog altogether, went back to blue bows, and decided her stockings were slowing her down along the yellow brick road, so she’s cut them down to socks. Whatever makes your travel lighter we suppose…

4. dorothy4

The Devil:

1. devil1

Something wicked this way comes, and you’ve decided to dress your little one like Satan. We’re not judging you, especially knowing that you’ve chosen this outfit, which looks much more Grimace with black wings and a pitchfork than a devil. But still, it’s an adorable little devil.

2. devil2

Strangely enough, the slightly more grown up devil is probably the most conservative outfit for your tween in this gallery. Long, flowing robes, little red horns, and a devilish smile round out a strangely appropriate costume.

3. devil3

Now you’ve done it. This devil has grown a tail, developed much fuller wings, more pronounced horns, and decided to show off as much leg as possible. Albeit a bit toned down with tights, the half sleeve lace gloves and tiny pitchfork round out an interesting evolution in devil-wear.

4. devil4

The devil clearly made me do it. By it, we mean slice the fabric of the costume down to practically nothing, open an enormous hole for the cleavage to breath (after all, it’s awfully hot back at home), and decided that knee-high boots and thigh-high stockings scream “Master of evil.”

All phot credit to Imgur

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  1. Oh my god! I was literally thinking this same exact thing when shopping for my daughter’s costume! She’s 4 ,and almost everything I found was some sexy version of a costume! Hilarious article!


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