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The 10 Most Ridiculous Holiday Animal Costumes


By Brett Gillin

It’s the time of the year to spend time with loved ones and spread holiday cheer, but once in a while, people seem to go just a bit too far with that last part. Here is a collection of some of the most insane uses of holiday-themed fabric to cover our pets.

1: This dog is normally smiling, but not today.
1 Christmas-Caroler-Dog-Costume (1)

2: He’s gonna leave a different kind of present under the tree.
2 Gift-box-costume-for-dogs

3: Nothing like simulating manual labor to brighten the holidays!
3 9331c29987e06c5f5a2e89f831fc36ec

4: It’s Christmas-Bane!
4 red-nose-antlers

5: You’ve done something wrong when the ears are bigger than the dog.
5 tiamarie-elf-de

6: Wake the kids up with this face, and they’ll forget all about presents as they run in horror.
6 dog-christmas-costumes-5441cd95aeae3

7: Let’s teach the kids that riding the dog is a good idea!
7 8499-large

8: Something awful happened to Frosty this year.
8 Dog-Christmas-clothes-300x300

9: We can’t leave the kitties out of the holiday torture!
9 Christmas-kittens_1783050i

10: DIY Christmas costumes are an even worse idea than purchased ones
10 Dog-Hates-Christmas-Costumes

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