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The 10 Greatest Animal Vines of All Time


By Brett Gillin
The internet was made for short attention spans, funny animals, and creative time-wasting. Thanks to the popularity of Vine, we now have a perfect 6 second platform to share the best of the best. So turn your speakers up and laugh along with the best animal vines ever!

1: Nothing, we repeat Nothing will stop you from giggling along with this laughing owl.


2: Admit it: You’ve felt exactly like this cat more than a few times when someone or something sneaks up on you.


3: Ladies and Gentlemen, the twerking phenomenon is over as nothing can ever top this Corgi.


4: Quite simply the derpiest dog of all time.


5: You’ll never catch this pup ridin’ dirty!


6: Okay, we definitely have a thing for talking animals. “WHAT WHAT?”



7: If you can relate to what’s happening here, it’s time to reevaluate your grooming habits.


8: This llama has clearly lost his mind.



9: When a failed sneeze turns into a sure-to-be dance craze.



10: Someone give this man a lifetime supply of bananas.

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