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Thanksgiving: Military Edition


By Brett Gillin
As we all get ready to gather with loved ones, eat far too much food, and watch football in between bouts of holiday-driven drama, we wanted to spend a quick minute to show off how the men and women of our Armed Forces are planning on celebrating the holiday. As you’ll no doubt see, no matter their surroundings or situations, soldiers know how to celebrate Thanksgiving… sometimes even better than we do.

1: Make sure we have enough food for everyone!

Photo 1 Army Mil

2: Any good chef will tell you: It’s important to wash the turkey before you cook it.



3: For a whole bunch of us, dessert is the most important part.


 4: You know someone is going to show up wearing a jersey.

Photo 5 Dvidshub

5: One of the greatest little pleasures of Thanksgiving: Finishing your meal while you warm yourself by the fire.

Photo 6 Dvidshub

6: We all know that one person who will stuff their mouths more than you thought possible. So long as they don’t try to talk while they’re doing it, it’s a good laugh.

Photo 7 Dvidshub

7: Of course, playing with your food can be taken to a whole new level on Thanksgiving.

Photo 8 Dvidshub

8: We all have our own ways of keeping the peace at the table. Some are more effective than others.

Photo 9 Dvidshub

9:  There’s the long tradition of breaking the wishbone

Photo 2 Army Mil

 10: And of course, we all take time to give thanks for everything we have and all those who fought to protect it.

Photo 10 Twitter

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