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Teen gives mom’s Porsche Cayenne the worst parking job after hitting parked car


In a scene reminiscent of a modern day Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, a Canadian teen is in trouble after taking his out-of-town mom’s Porsche for a joyride- only to destroy it while trying to put it in a garage.

According to CBC, Vancouver police were led to the joyriding teen after a video surfaced of the unlicensed teen ramming his mom’s Porsche Cayenne into a space that was far too small for the expensive SUV, ending with parts of the vehicle’s undercarriage on the ground.

“It was a bad decision to start with and then a decision made much worse by not taking responsibility,” said VPD Constable Brian Montague. “He’s lucky he’s not facing criminal charges.”

Police received a report of a white Porsche striking a parked car around June 16th. However, it wasn’t until the video -which exposes the license plate of the car- was sent to police that they put two and two together.

“We would have eventually connected all the dots,” Montague said. “But the video made it much simpler.”

Constable Montague said the teen would have received a $276 ticket for driving without a license had he stayed at the scene. Now he has to deal with insurance companies… and his mother.

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