Home Comedy Social media ridicules eBay over email telling customers to “decorate your hoe”

Social media ridicules eBay over email telling customers to “decorate your hoe”


Online marketplace moguls eBay are inadvertently pimpin’ this Christmas, after a typographical error in an email message encouraged thousands of users to “decorate your hoe this Christmas.”

While eBay is the home of.. well, pretty much anything your mind can imagine, the email -which made its rounds Monday evening- was actually a mistake, with the letter “m” in “home” apparently missing the memo that it was supposed to report for work.

If you’ve been living in a cave for the past, well, ever, “hoe” is a slang variation of the word “whore.”

According to the Daily Mail, responses from eBay members were more of amusement than horror. Posting images of the email online, users began making fun of the typo.

On twitter, @sonya-eves wrote: “Nice to see @eBay getting into the spirit of things. Never let your hoe go undecorated”

“Thanks @eBay I almost forgot to decorate my hoe for the holiday season,” @MarknumPI said.

In response to the error, an eBay spokesman said: “We’ll be asking Santa for a new keyboard this Christmas.”

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