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Sneak peak of The Beatles new film, amazing unseen footage


Peter Jackson, director of “Lord of the Rings” tries to get back to business as he drops a sneak peak into his new collective biographical film “The Beatles: Get Back” 

Jackson has had access to 56 hours of unseen Beatles footage spanning from rehearsals to goofing around, even their final moments playing together.

The Apple Corps headquarters in 1969 was got a concert most fans will never forget, but turned out to be one of the final happy moments for the band. Jackson is currently in the editing process in New Zealand.

He says the film was slated to be finished around this time but due to COVID, the production was pushed back. 

Jackson, along with his sneak peak release has said, the footage is “great stuff” and will present the fans with a “sense of the spirit”, “vibe and energy that the film’s going to have.”

The footage release includes four minutes of feel-good Beatles film from their recording days and happier times.

Jackson has promised the full film release sometime in 2021, as fans eagerly await the official trailer.

Jackson is confident, and said “Hopefully it will put a smile on your face in these rather bleak times that we’re in”.


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