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Siberian Husky dog stages ‘Prison Break’ in east China


A cunning cold-weather canine in China staged a daring escape attempt at a Chinese veterinary office, breaking free of its cage and attempting to free its comrades in the process.

A Siberian Husky managed to figure out the mechanism that kept it trapped inside of a kennel, unbolting the cage and repeating the process to free other dogs locked up in the facility.

The entire event was captured on CCTV footage.

“It is kind of difficult to open the cage even for human beings, as there is a little mechanism for unbolting the door,” Pet Hospital Cao Sheng told local media. “We’ve been in the industry for six, seven years, and there hasn’t been any dog that has opened the cage this way.”

Unfortunately for the dog and its fellow escapees, the door to the outside was protected by a pass-key.

According to the Daily Mail, the escape artist has been placed in a sturdier cage to prevent a repeat performance.

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