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Shi Labeouf’s ‘He Will Not Divide Us’ livestream hidden, then found by trolls for epic prank


Actor and anti-Trump activist Shia Labeouf just can’t catch a break in his attempt to protest the new president with his “He Will Not divide Us” livestream.


The livestream protest was essentially intended as a place for people who didn’t like Trump to gather and yell, “he will not divide us,” and have it broadcast live on the internet.


Originally set up in New York City and intended to be an ongoing 4-year protest of President Trump, the installation was forced to leave after Labeouf assaulted a counter-protester and was arrested.


So the livestream protest camera was moved to Albuquerque with much less fanfare. However it only lasted a matter of weeks there after gunshots were heard in the area.

Labeouf’s solution? Move the livestream to a hidden area and have the camera simply focus on a flag that displayed “he will not divide us.”


Clearly he thought this would be an end to the trolls, counter-protesters, assault charges and any other interference of his presidential protest. But he was wrong.


In the most epic game of capture the flag in recent history, members of the 4chan online community took the hiding of the livestream protest as a challenge – and happily accepted.


It should be noted that the mostly anonymous 4chan community has been associated with several hacking incidents and other digital crimes.


However this time their focus was on the hidden location of Shia Labeouf’s livestream protest that was filming the “he will not divide us” flag.


They compared planes they saw in the sky with flight plans, looked at the position of the stars at night, and followed Labeouf’s travels on social media. They even had a member drive around and honk his horn in the area they thought it was located and listened for the horn on the livestream.


Finally, they found it. And overnight, they took the flag down and rose in its place a Make America Great Again hat – successfully completing a truly epic prank.

Image from video, above.
Image from video, above.



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