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‘Selfie rat’ snaps photo of himself with sleeping man’s phone on subway platform.


The cheeky rodent climbed onto the man’s lap as he slept by the platform – and then posed for a quick photograph

In a world where people are constantly snapping selfies, it was only a matter of time before our furry friends wanted in on the act.

This cheeky rat spotted his opportunity for a quick photoshoot when he came across a man sleeping on the platform in the President Street subway station in Crown Heights, New York.

Climbing up onto the stranger’s lap, the rat somehow managed to take a close-up shot of himself before the slumbering man was finally disturbed from his nap.

The man awoke to the flash of the camera and also to close-up shot of the rat’s snout in his picture library, reports the New York Daily News.

Cheese: The rat snaps a quick selfie before running off
The hilarious moment was captured on camera by Don Richards — a tourist visiting a friend in Brooklyn, Fox61 reported.

In the video, the shocked man tries to brush the rat off of his lap and then drops his phone twice as he frantically tries to get away from the rodent.

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