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Scared horse inside Miami Beach nightclub sparks outrage


A clubgoer filmed a spooked horse inside the Mokai Lounge in Miami Beach, Florida, on Thursday night.

The incident sparked outrage on social media from people concerned about animal abuse.

From YELP to Twitter, people have been posting their outrage about the incident.

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There was even a petition created on change.org that is just shy of its 1,500-signature goal.

According to pictures from past events this wasn’t the first time the night club has used animals as their events. Mokai Lounge has hosted ‘Mokai Fridays Unicorn Edition Party. Proposing that “Being a person is becoming too complicated. It’s time to be a unicorn this Friday night at Mokai Lounge.”

Miami Beach police are currently investigating.

Image Credit: Posh Panel
Image Credit: Posh Panel

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