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Robbery suspect tries to disguise himself with a Maxi-pad


It’s usually some sort of black mask, or stocking of some sort but a maxi pad—this is a first. A robber dubbed the ‘maxi-pad bandit’ thought placing a feminine-hygiene napkin over his forehead and eyes would prevent cops from identifying him.



Well, the plan didn’t work out so well.

Clear surveillance video shows the suspect breaking through the front-window glass door of an auto parts store using a piece of wood.

Once inside the Apple Valley, California shop – the man helps himself to as many battery chargers as he can carry, some flashlights and more. The suspect is apparently no stranger to the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Dept.

51-year-old Gary Victor is a convicted felon with an extensive history of run-ins with the law, according to Victor Valley News.

But Battery Mart owner Mark Wedell also said they got a good look at Victor’s face because when he came to the store the first time on Sept 28, and looked in the window, he didn’t have the maxi pad stuck on his head.

Police say Victor was “under the influence of something” when the incident took place.

“It wasn’t surprising, but yes, that is, in fact, that’s what he was trying to conceal his identity with, and he didn’t do a very good job,” police spokeswoman Trish Hill said.

Victor was arrested and taken into custody on suspicion of burglary and possessing stolen property. The stolen items were returned to Battery Mart, according to the Victorville Daily Press.

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