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Racist woman claims to be a police officer, attacks woman live-streaming about meditation


A stroll down the boardwalk in Newport Beach, California started out picturesque from the video of Elizabeth Lopez’s livestream. That is until a woman began shouting racist comment at Elizabeth.

“Get it out of your hand now! Drop into your bag!” the woman seethed.

“I thought she might have a mental problem, but there were other people there and she choose to go after me, so I don’t think she is completely mental.” Elizabeth said.

Elizabeth, 28, goes by Tarot Eliza on social media as was discussing meditation with her followers during the stream when the woman began attacking her verbally and physically. Though she is out of the shot the woman can clearly be heard yelling racist remarks.

“She grabbed my hands trying to take my phone. She then told me I had no right to be in California, to go back to my country. Things like that,” Elizabeth said.

When Elizabeth confronts the woman and tell her that she is going to call the police, the woman can be heard saying that she is a police officer and even threatens to break Elizabeth’s arm.

After the police were contacted, they were able to track her down. According to Elizabeth the woman admitted to the attack and that she is looking at misdemeanor assault charges.

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