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Professional golfer claims she’s become an outcast because of her looks


A female athlete in what may be the most conservative sport in the world is upset because she can’t show a little skin.

Golfer Paige Spiranac claims golf is “stuffy” and full of hypocrisy- a sport where she can’t be herself.

“Golf is elitist, it’s stuffy, it’s exclusive and I hate that because I am not that and I was never welcomed in and I’m still not welcomed in,” Spiranac said in an episode of her podcast, “Playing-A-Round.”

“It’s like my whole life I’m trying to find a place where I can fit in and that I feel comfortable and that I feel at peace with myself and I haven’t found that. Golf is the absolute worst place for me to be because I am the exact opposite of everything that a golfer should encompass, should be, and I’m not. I’m not refined, I’m raw and real and I wear what I want and I have always been so different and golf is not that way.”

For the 26-year-old golfer, the matter is personal. With over two million Instagram followers, the athlete is known for wearing clothes that show off her assets, making her more appealing to fans.

According to the New York Post, Spiranac has been turned down by charities due to her reputation.

“I wanted to help this charity out and I wanted to give them free golf clubs,” she said. “The guy wrote back and said, ‘We would love to but, because of the way our board members view you, you can’t help out.’”

Spiranac’s outfits aren’t the full extent of her exposure online- nude photos of her were leaked to the public in the past.

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  1. Organized golf has its rules of conduct and etiquette. You don’t like them but still “love” golf, then go and play amateur every time you want at any golf course.
    Why does ONE person always wants the world to accommodate to her, and not her to the world. She can always dress how she wants outside the grass, can’t she?


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