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Portland woman’s Subaru stolen and returned with bizarre explanation


The truth is sometimes stranger than fiction, and in the case of a stolen Subaru in Portland, it certainly seems that way.

It all started when a woman sent her friend – with her car keys—to pick up her red Subaru along SE Woodstock. Just a block away from the home that the friend was supposed to go to, was a
different red Subaru in the driveway belonging to Erin Hatzi.

Hatzi’s home surveillance camera captured a woman driving away with her car on Tuesday night, according to KGW.

Apparently the key that was given to the friend doing the favor was able to work, even though it was the wrong car. According to police, older model Subaru keys sometimes work in different cars.

The next morning, when the owner realized the car her friend brought back wasn’t hers, she left a note and gas money with Hatzi’s car in front of her house. The mix-up seems so bizarre that Hatzi says it’s like a bad sitcom script. No one would believe this actually happened…but it did.

Looking back at the video now, Hatzi says, “We were really confused because it didn’t seem like the normal actions of a car thief…You wouldn’t think they’d sit there in idle in the owner’s driveway for two or three minutes.”

The other car owner apologized for the mistake and even left her contact information in the note in case Erin needed to speak with her further.

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