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Pitbull humps pillow while criminals rob YouTube star’s house


A YouTuber’s home was invaded by two burglars, making off with a felony amount of goods while the family guard dog humped his pillow bed.

While YouTuber “CJSoCool” and his partner Royalty were off filming a video segment at a spa day last week, two bandits made off with jewelry, apparel and other high-dollar items the family had accrued over the years.

“Today our home was invaded and we got robbed for alot of things!” CJ wrote in the video description. “This is not a PRANK or a joke and the police are involved!”

Security camera footage shows the thieves entering and exiting under the not-so-watchful eye of the family Pit Bull, Rhino, who joyously humps away atop his bed as the robbery unfolds.

According to CJ, Las Vegas Police Detectives are currently working the felony case. It is unknown if Rhino was reprimanded for abandoning his duties.

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  1. It’s funny how this article is about stealing from a YouTuber & this website decided to steal the video off of YouTube & upload it as their own. Another form of thievery. VERY nice play, boys! Stealing from someone who got stolen from, heck yeah, website integrity!!!

  2. Hello! Me again! Just checking in on the comment approval process! Curious if my comment hasn’t been approved cuz you haven’t seen it yet or if it’s too true to make public. See you tomorrow! 🙂


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