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Pipeline disruption that caused heat and water to go out for thousands investigated as eco-terrorism

Image credit: Aspen Police Department.

A gas line in Colorado was tampered with by what appears to be eco-terrorists over the weekend, according to law enforcement- and the FBI is getting involved.

The gas pipeline, which was located near Aspen, was reportedly tampered with, causing several thousand to be without heat and water in below-zero temperatures.

Scrawled on the pipe were the words “Earth First,” likely a reference to anti-pipeline activists.

“They would have had to have some familiarity with the system,” said Bill Linn, Aspen PD’s second-in-command. “They tampered with flow lines. They turned off gas lines.”

Black Hills Energy company -the owners of the pipeline- sent crews out to repair the damage, but the personnel were hampered by heavy snow.

Vance Crocker, vice president of operations at BHE, stated that thousands of meters had to be shut off in order to keep people safe.

“We’re hopeful that by late afternoon (or) early evening, we will have all the meters shut off,” he said during a news conference Monday. “Where we’re at right now, by this evening, mid-to-late evening we think we’re going to be done with the actual purging and pressurizing the system then we can go back and begin the relighting process.”

According to the Aspen Times, the FBI’s critical infrastructure department has stepped in to assist with the investigation.

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