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Package thief receives instant dose of karma


Another brazen package thief gets more than they bargained for when what was supposed to be a quick swipe went completely wrong.

David Ababneh posted the Ring home security footage of 3 packages that was stolen from his family’s Bothell, Washington home. One of them contained medicine that says cost about $5000 and his insurance company is only covering a portion of the cost.

In the video, just after UPS makes the delivery, a woman dashes through the Ababneh’s front yard and grabs all 3 packages from their porch and attempts to make off with them. But she slips on the wet lawn and injures her leg. The driver is then seen getting out of the car to help her. After struggling to carry her back to their vehicle, the man returns to pick up the packages that the woman dropped.

David has filled a police report with the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office and hopes that sharing the video will lead to their arrest and recovery of his medicine.

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