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Outrage after ‘YouTube celebrity’ Logan Paul posts video tasing rats


Internet celebrity Logan Paul has once again shocked and appalled a percentage of his viewing audience after tasing dead rats and attempting to perform CPR on a deceased Koi fish.

In behaviour reminiscent of a 1990s Tom Greene, the YouTube celebrity -who recently came under fire for filming a dead body in Japan’s “suicide forest”- once again displayed acts of immaturity in his latest video, title THE PAULS RESPOND TO THE CSI FIGHT.

In the video, paul rants about dead koi fish in his backyard pond before attempting “fish CPR,” doing compressions on the body of the dead fish.

After moving on from attempted resuscitation of a dead fish, Paul then used a Taser on two dead rats, which were on his patio.

Shooting one of the rats with the Taser, he then flung the rodent’s corpse around using the conductive wire and prongs, which were still embedded in the animal.

After disposing of the rats in the dumpster, Paul then tased the animals again, much to the chagrin of his assistant.

“Why?!” his assistant shouted. “It’s already dead! Why!”

According to Global News, Paul has about 16 million YouTube subscribers, nearly 4 million more than his younger brother, Jake.

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