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Orphaned kangaroo becomes internet champion after sparring video goes viral


An Australian kangaroo that was once left orphaned has been released back into the wild, but not before making an amazing recovery and a few good boxing videos.

His mum killed in a car accident, Rocco was found in a vulnerable state near Kalgoorlie and turned over to Joe Pervan.

Pervan took care of the young joey, who eventually grew into a healthy young specimen.

“After a lot sleep less nights feeding him at all hours I was rewarded with this beautiful red joey, everybody loved him as he grew bigger,” Pervan told the Daily Mail’s Australia branch.

Over time, Rocco developed a love for spending days going at a punching bag, which resulted in video footage that would soon prove to be quite popular.

“Rocco fell in love with the boxing bag and every day and night he would train for hours on the bag and he was a champion at it,” Pervan said.

The video in question was posted several years ago, but has since been dug back up and is once again making its rounds on the internet.

It is unknown exactly when Rocco was adopted, but he was eventually released back into the wild sometime before July of 2016.

“Rocco, you are a champ,” Pervan said in the post, which was shared over 11,509 times. “We miss you bud, big time”

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