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Oregon cat steals everything from toys to marijuana from neighbors, delivers to cop owner


A mischievous cat named Tigger has been stealing trash and other items from neighbors in West Linn, Oregon.
According to West Linn Police Sgt. Dave Kempas, his pet cat, Tigger, who has since been nicknamed Kleptokitty, has been stealing items and leaving them on his back porch and driveway for the past four years.

The items that Tigger has stolen include My Little Pony plush toys, dish rags, socks, plastic toys, and even a bag of marijuana.

In an interview with ABC, Kempas said he was curious as to how his cat kept on bringing home new items on a daily basis over the years, and decided to install a surveillance camera to catch Kleptokitty at work.

Kempas now posts the surveillance photos of Tigger on the cat’s own Facebook page, using the name Happy Kleptokitty.

When asked what he does with the items that Tigger brings back home, Kempas said that he usually cleans up the items if they are trash. If the items are either useful or valuable, he donates them to charity.

“I didn’t take a receipt or anything for it,” he said. “I figure I can’t take that as a tax deduction. I didn’t get it honestly in the first place.”

According to Kempas, Tigger isn’t his first pet to steal from neighbors. His old cat, Bubba, used to steal from his neighbor who left things like gardening gloves lying around. Like Tigger, Bubba also left his stolen items on the back porch.


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