Home News One man wrecking crew begins dismantling Seattle’s CHOP/CHAZ zone

One man wrecking crew begins dismantling Seattle’s CHOP/CHAZ zone


A man in Seattle has set the example for the city after he began dismantling the CHAZ/CHOP “autonomous zone” in the Capitol Hill district.

The unknown man, who was filmed as he went on his rampage of destruction, was throwing large barricades and other objects as if they weighed nothing, seemingly in a fit of rage.

When pudgy activists attempted to stop him, he called them “motherf***ers” and asked them what they were going to do about it.

Eventually, one rather large woman threatens the man with a knife, prompting him to scream in her face and order her to drop her weapon.

The woman, unfortunately, had more friends on site than the one-man-wrecking crew, and they showed up with pepper spray and other devices.

But “Seattle Man” has had enough, and no amount of capsaicin could stop him from trashing the CHOP checkpoint, which was already in a state of sorry disarray.

Satisfied with his destruction and knowing it was a matter of time before more people with bigger weapons showed up, the man walked off, shouting “f***k you,” and waving two middle fingers in the air.

The video was shared on Twitter, and has received plenty of well-deserved views. One part of the video was shared by “State Of Us All,” who had a message for the city’s leadership.

“Hey Democratic Majors & Governors, this is what courage and boldness looks like,” the twitter account wrote. “No kneeling or bending, just will to power and the cowards back down, they always do.”

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